I just logged into my Myspace account for the first time in three years, and found the last message posted on my wall by a ‘friend’ named Geri Reischl: ‘MARSHALL!!!  I apologize! I am one day late wishing you a “Happy Birthday” ~Geri~’.

Who THE FUCK is Geri Reischl, I thought??? I googled the name and came up with a Wikipedia page (I did this yesterday obviously, I would be out-right cunted if this had all happened today):

Geri Lee Reischl (born December 31, 1959) is an American actress and singer, known for her work as a child actor in the 1970s, most notably on the variety show The Brady Bunch Hour as “fake Jan,” and various television commercials. Reischl is best known for replacing Eve Plumb in nine episodes of the The Brady Bunch Hour during the 1976-77 television season. Her appearances as Jan have been referred to as ‘Fake Jan’. She was selected from over 1,500 girls, including Kathy Hilton, who auditioned for the role in 1976 and supposedly came in second place for the part. She became a member of the famous television family when Eve Plumb declined to reprise her role in the “variety show” series.

WHEN. THE HELL. Did this Myspace match even happen??? I REMEMBER NOTHING. No where… nowhere in my memory banks do I remember having a faux online relationship with fake Jan Brady. That said; I have never been prouder.