storyboard: If you ask a female comedian how social media has impacted her professional life, she will likely respond like Elaine Carroll. “Social media has made my career,” says Carroll, the 30-year-old creator of the Very Mary Kate web series, a spoof of Mary Kate Olsen’s glam life in New York.

Remember just a few years back, when comedians (of any gender) relentlessly chased guest spots at the feet of David Letterman and Jay Leno? Getting a gig on late night was the ultimate career boost, but women comedians had to fight through the prejudices both professional (like infamously misogynist Letterman booker Eddie Brill) and cultural (let’s all try to forget that Christopher Hitchens essay).

But the level playing field of Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr means no one gets between ambitious talent and a potentially receptive audience. All it takes is perseverance, ability, skill, and infinite patience. Read more.

First of all - I am in love with this Tumblr design. Second of all: it is AWESOME that Amy Poehler is willing to help out other up and comers. Thirdly: there are no flavored potato chips - only plain flavor. Do not, DO NOT try and sell me ‘chicken’ flavor, because I will Problem Child 2 all over your face. This has nothing to do with lady-comics, but still pretty important because people are still bringing chicken flavored chips to parties and it needs to stop.


Bucket list: Throw some HEARTY fucks around

INTERVIEWER: Give me one of your purely satisfying mean moments.
TINA FEY: The first thing that comes to mind is a more recent one, when Amy Poehler and I were in the airport last week in Toronto and we were getting hassled by this middle-aged businessman who was doing that thing that middle-aged businessmen do, being rude. And then Amy, in the middle of the airport, screamed, “Fuck you, you fuckin’ dick, you fuckin’ rich asshole.” And it was so satisfying—it was immediate release. She would probably be mortified that I told you. (x)

And what do you think? Gay soldiers are getting something out of the deal? ‘Hey I’m totally gaming the system. All I gotta do is go to Afghanistan for 18 months where a bunch of people are going to try and kill me, but on the plus side, I might just catch a glimpse of some dude’s weiner in the shower. Really.
Amy Poehler “Really”

Spring Breakdown Trailer. HOLY MOTHER EFFING BALLS. Thank you Folkinz! Christ, this actually doesn’t look at all as good as I hoped. But, like how? I mean, PARKER EFFING POSEY, Rachel Dratch AND Poehler? Good God, I will probably be owning this anyway, and it will probably become a weekly fixture ala Romy and Michele, I just, I hope…look, this trailer is bad OK, but I’ve been waiting for this for sooo long.

Doing some 'Baby Mama' press...

  • Fey: My daughter starts pre-school next year, so I just went through the process of taking her to her pre-school interviews and you're just hoping, "Just please don't poop yourself during this time.
  • Poehler: Did she wear a little power suit? And carry a teeny tiny briefcase?
  • Fey: (laughs) and she had a teeny-tiny resume... made of candy...
  • Poehler: (laughs)
  • Fey: But she ate it.

Oh my God, yes

I am violently horny that this holy fusion of SNL and POSEY has happened. wildly, painfully, severely horny. Despite the omission of Fey, Rudolph and potentially other non-‘night-live’ funny fanny, Ms Blank - I am still sanctimoniously horny. There a few quibbles, notably some of the supporting players: Amber Tamblyn (yawn), Sophie Monk (fix those teeth NOW), and get this: Kristin (Stop laughing/screeching) Cavallari. All of which made me very very sad. However, these were quickly offset with a few other supporting players: Will Arnett (schwing), Leslie Grossman (double schwing), and Missi (schwing schwing schwing) Pyle. The ‘plot’ (like it matters) is simple. Three of the biggest geeks at school, decide to give spring break another go in an attempt to shake of their geeky stereotypes. Later on, at some sort of spring break beauty/slutty princess competition (I’m just free-styling here) they try to impress the judges and other girl-folk, by claiming to have invented ‘post-its’, only to be shot down by Goth rebel Amber Tamblyn. Sigh, yes if it bears any resemblance to some of my favourite B-grade 90’s bimbo fests, I will be well pleased. Though it may take more than an interpretive three-way dance off against Arnett to get me stroking the aids baster in the back row. Please girls, don’t let me down.