I’m going back to New Zealand…

I have run out of money, have no income, and my visa expires in two weeks. Yes I could borrow money from somewhere, stay and hope that more money comes from somewhere. But it’s too risky. And it’s putting pressure on both me and other people. SO, I will be back in Auckland on the 15th of March, to hopefully find some work, regenerate and head back to Canada when I have my legal working visa and somewhere to live. And THEN I can go back to Second City. It sucks, but I still am impressed that I’ve managed to be here 6 months with no job, and no income.

It’s taken a toll though. I feel empty, lost and annoyed that I couldn’t use the spare time to write all the jokes in the world. Guess you can’t be funny when you’re not happy? TWIST.

Even this post is depressing as butts. But it was necessary to write for those who care (Spam bots)

  1. theantipodeanhomo said: Let me know when you’re home and I’ll buy you a drink or seven
  2. richard said: I can’t wait to hold you in my arms again.
  3. jackintheblog said: okay boo
  4. mmgg said: I just want to throw out there how much I adore you/your blog. The extreme need to follow extrafirmhold is the reason I created a tumblr account in the first place. The light of my life, you are.
  5. onemorefortheroad said: Do whatever it takes to get you to where you think you will be happy!
  6. forwhenifeellikesharing said: :(
  7. behindthisbeard said: I’m gunna miss you!
  8. absurdlakefront said: I’m sorry to read this. Best of fortune, and I hope you are able to return as soon as you wish.
  9. get-on-up said: At least you’re wise enough to know when to make the right, albeit difficult decision. I’m sure it’ll all work itself out in the long run.
  10. princeofdorne said: sucks :/
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