I have no more money, my accommodation is about to expire (April) and my  Visa requirements would mean borrowing $3000 from my parents (already borrowed $4K). My Canadian work Visa is not estimated to arrive until Late April/May, and I’m struggling to find under the table cash jobs. Common sense says, go back to NZ. But, I am enrolled in Second City, and in a relationship (though he says go back to NZ, recoup, and come back. As does my mother).

I genuinely don’t know what to do. This whole time I’ve wanted to run home to NZ, admitting defeat, but I love Second City. In order to stay I would need an under the table cash job, and some accommodation in April, May, maybe onwards.

100% lost and don’t know what to do. I effing ate this, it’s been a horrible, horrible few months trying to survive here. But my God I just want to be able to stay. What to I doooo?

  1. justaskthisscientician answered: Grave robbing? Sell others’ bodies instead of your own
  2. jackintheblog answered: Don’t go back. Can you take out a loan? Can you give up paying for an apt by staying with friends? Can you temp? Register at 5 temp agencies
  3. thepriest answered: Porn.
  4. hoodrat-business answered: I’m facing a similar toronto sitch when i move there in the next month, so w/e you do I wish you so much luck. Show me it can be done!
  5. husbndmaterial answered: do it. even if it’s hard. it will make for a great origins story one day. it’s almost like a rite of passage
  6. blackling answered: You might have to go back. It sucks, leaving the city you love, but sometimes when there are no other options, it’s what’s best.
  7. osolage answered: you dig deep, hold on, thank the universe for those who support you either way, and believe that YOU WILL SUCCEED
  8. i-thaphithin answered: Prostitution? (Although srsly, gay establishments.)
  9. ummwhat answered: I just keep laughing about the phrase “HELP MY LIFE”. Best of luck.
  10. selfdestruct answered: Hey Marshall, I’m sorry to hear that. Sending you love and hugs from Singapore.
  11. wallofdis answered: Have you tried signing up at Elance? It’s like eBay but for freelance work. They have a ton of graphics stuff.
  12. davidbrookton said: or you could try to get a day job
  13. davidbrookton answered: i’ve got a place you could crash here in boulder, colorado.
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