I signed up at Second City, because, as I said to the other class-mates today “all we really want here, is to be taught how to be a pirate. All. Of. Us.” Which, yeah, I know - is some profound shit. But to be honest (Slash ~ReAl~), is to be around like-minded people (who want to pretend to be a pirate). It all boiled down to, about 6pm tonight, after class when we all got da beers, and once the waiter had left the table (yeah, waiter! Classy bahtches): We all just looked at each other. Looked at the next table. Looked back at each other. And then launched into a tirade of really, really, beautiful pedofilia jokes. Like, one after the other, after the other, after the other. And that’s what it’s REALLY all about. Fuckin’ sexy, sexy babies.

  1. jakec said: So proud of you for making friends baby <3
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